Tulsk Changelog

30 Mar 2024

  • Initial Chat Dashboard: Launched with default access on first signup; alternative access provided at /dashboard/new.
  • Notification Task Access: Included a button in notifications for direct task engagement.
  • Unopened Notification Response: Activated email notifications for task assignments when in-app notifications are not acknowledged.

4 Mar 2024

  • Focus Mode: Introduced drag-and-drop task management.
  • Notification System: Upgraded with Novu for diverse notifications and optional email sending based on conditions.
  • Hydration Bug Hotfix: Released a hotfix that disrupted bundling in production.
  • Activities Page: New page displaying all actions within an organization.
  • Database Update: Replaced userId/roles.owner with ownerId to simplify queries.
  • Drag and Drop: Introduced for projects.
  • Web Stability: Improved by switching to Mongoose for database queries.

9 Dec 2023

  • Update/delete label and create a task functionality added.

12 Nov 2023

  • Introduced sorting priority, table highlighting, and deletion feature.
  • Added bullet list in editor view.
  • ChatPM minimization feature.
  • Main editor updated for improved stability.
  • Test entry.
  • Reiteration of ChatPM minimization.
  • Stability improvement for main editor reiterated.

17 Oct 2023

  • New Generate Tasks Logic: Allows selection of generated tasks to add to your list.

11 Oct 2023

  • Response interruption capability added.
  • Project progress now displayed on home page.
  • New notification page introduction.
  • AI-generated chat history titles.
  • Improved chat history accessibility and readability.

28 Sep 2023

  • Copy text from ChatPM button added.

25 Sep 2023

  • Project labels now visible in home and side view.

20 Sep 2023

  • Expand/collapse functionality for ChatPM.

9 Sep 2023

  • Added suggested prompts for ChatPM usage.

29 Aug 2023

  • Project Hotfix: Resolved project creation issue.

13 Aug 2023

  • Chat history feature incorporated into ChatPM.

6 Aug 2023

  • Added a documentation page for team collaboration.

2 Aug 2023

  • Notification for task assignments introduced.

25 Jul 2023

  • Fixed an issue leading to 404 error during organization creation.

23 Jul 2023

  • Public sharing of space with template options.
  • ChatPM now saves chat history.
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